4ο cocktail festival 2019

3rd cocktail festival 2018

The Cocktail Festival of Xalavro Open Bar has become a tradition! The festival took place for the third year in a row in early September and hosted 10 guest bartenders from 10 bars across the country, for two amazing days full of cocktails! The bartenders who served us their exquisite cocktails were: Nikos Mpakoulis (The Clumsies, Athens), Giannis Vavadakis (Bajamar, Agios Nikolaos), Argyris Veniamin (Upupa Epops, Athens), Giorgos Noulis (Gorilas, Thessaloniki), Stefanos Draganidakis (The Trap, Athens), Nikos Gartzolakis (Baba au Rum, Athens), Filippos Tasoulas (Odori, Athens), Antonis Mantzaridis (Theory Bar, Athens), Dimitris Skordylis (Boheme, Chania) and Antonis Tsakiris (Fabrica, Drama).

japanese pop-up 2017

For the second year running, in the heart of winter, another pop-up bar made its appearance on 9, Korai Street. This time we “travelled” to Japan and tasted cocktails by Giorgos Dendrakis and dishes by Manos Maniadakis, inspired by the land of the Rising Sun.

2nd cocktail festival 2017

A year after the 1st Cocktail Festival held with great success by the Xalavro Open Bar, the 2nd even bigger Cocktail Festival took place in 2017. For two days in the heart of summer, 10 Guest Bartenders from Athens, Thessaloniki, Cyprus, Lebanon, and of course, from Crete, including bartenders from the four best bars in the world, according to “The World’s 50 Best Bars”, met up at the Xalavro Open Bar and presented their exquisite cocktails to the public of Crete. Some of them were: Giannis Kedes (Vogatsikou 3, Thessaloniki), Kostas Ioannou (Lost & Found, Nicosia), Alain Haddad (Central station, Beirut) and Nikos Gartzolakis (Baba au Rum, Athens).

latin american pop up bar 2016

The first Pop-Up event of Xalavro Open Bar had the taste and flavor of Latin America. In a brand-new space on 9, Korai Street, established for the specific purpose of meeting the needs of this project, we had five days of unique experiences with cocktails, music, street food, drinking and dancing, all inspired by the amazing lifestyle and culture of Latin America. Guest bartenders Ilias Stergiopoulos (Baba au Rum), Stelios Papadopoulos (Jose Cuervo Brand Ambassador), Panagiotis Kanavetas (Monin Αmbassador) and Alexandros Sourmpatis (Βar Μanager Spinte “The whisky bar”) could not be missing from this limited-edition event.

1st cocktail festival 2016

The 1st Cocktail Festival of Xalavro Open Bar took place in August 2016 and it was literally a five stars night. Five excellent bartenders, each one with his own unique style, were present at this guest event to prepare and serve their high-quality cocktails.

The winner of Skinos Mediterranean Challenge 2015, Argyris Veniamin, bartender at Baba Au Rum, which was again among the World’s 50 Best Bars for 2016, Nikos Gartzolakis, Giorgos Dendrakis from The Art Of Cocktail, Bacardi Brand Ambassador Konstantinos Kapniaris and Jose Cuervo Brand Ambassador Stelios Papadopoulos joined forces, with their 20 different signature cocktails, to offer an all-star night that made history.